Saturday, February 4, 2017

Seattle Women's March

It was a doozie of a crowd, women, men, boys, girls, babies and dogs all walking into the Seattle Center after their epic three and a half mile march.  Just imagine an enormous river of people, 120,000 strong
(Seattle Police Department estimate, but organizers said it was more like 150,000) , marching along carrying the most wonderful hand painted signs.  In any case it was a lot of folks for sure.

They were a civil crowd with the most imaginative statements, hand painted on signs all obviously having learned their civics lessons well.  They made me proud.

It was wonderful example of a grass roots wave of discontent done in the most respectful way possible.  Thank you fellow Washingtonians for speaking and displaying your minds.


  1. Strong girls, Strong world...I'll drink to that!

    Great shots, Lucy.

  2. Thanks, Lynda. I bet Tucson had a wonderful parade, too.