Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What is more fun? Part 2.

What is more fun watching Robin Williams interviewed on the Actors Workshop when he takes a scarf from someone in the audience for a prop and begins a series of artistic scenes or gives his dancing imitation of Twyla Tharp?  
What is more fun than sharing a wonderful lunch with great friends in the dinning room of the monastery in La Romita, Italy surrounded by artists, great conversation, Umbrian food and pitchers of wine?  What is more fun than rubbing the belly of a chubby little terrier who decides you are the best stranger he has ever met? What is more fun than leaning over in the grocery store flower section and smelling freesia? What is more fun than first getting into an airplane, strapping yourself into the seat and eagerly anticipating a flight to a foreign country you have never visited before?  What is more fun than getting a loved one to laugh or even better yet getting a stranger to laugh?

What is more fun than watching the antics of dogs with great senses of humor; watching the first snow fall traffic coming to a stop and all sounds softly muffled? 

What is more fun than reading a friend’s publiShed piece or teasing Cousin Jerry until my sides ache from laughing?

What is more fun than riding a big Zodiac along the Kona Coast working our way down to Kealakekua Bay for a morning of snorkeling?  Or an afternoon swimming off the lava rocks by the Place of Refuge to watch sea turtles and coral fish chomping their way through paradise?

What is more fun than sharing pizza and wine with best girlfriends and spilling out guts of frustration and fondest wishes in a haven of safety and support?

What is more fun than opening the mailbox and seeing a return address of a loved one? 

Monday, July 20, 2015

What is more fun? Part 1

What is more fun than riding Space Mountain at Disney World, except when my seat belt comes off and I am hurtling into dark space, holding on two pieces of broken belt for dear life?  All I can remember is not wanting to be catapulted into darkness. 

What is more fun than riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World with a husband who laughs himself silly all during the ride and wants to get in line for a second go around? 

What is more fun than is sledding down a steep hill on the golf course at dusk, when it is freezing and screaming all the way down to the bottom; swimming in the warm, still, shallow waters off Palau where I see the most spectacular fishes of all colors and coral beyond belief?  Or roller skating at a rink when all of a sudden I
remember how to skate backwards; sitting out on the deck of Maggie’s Bluff on a really, really hot day having a fish taco and chilled glass of white wine; riding in my Smartie with the top down through downtown Seattle so that I can see the tops of old buildings?

What is more fun than seeing a good friend win a swell honor, a reward for her hard work and focus? 

What is more fun than watching a herd of forty hippos wallowing in a pond in the Okavango Delta?