Saturday, April 12, 2014

Why Write?

Writing is a nymph of imagination dancing with no boundaries, exploding heartfelt desires without censor, unlimited exploration careening fearlessly into the unknown. 

Writing is fuel for passion, energy for unrestricted speed, food for the starving soul.  Writing is a tranquil harbor after a frightful storm.

Writing is sanity ‘s tether, is hope out of desperation, laughter over sadness, strength over weakness, a shield against depression, sunshine in the darkness, comfort in chaos, hope over hopelessness.

Writing is butterscotch pudding, warm muffins, a lap full of puppy, a soft wing of peace, gifts tied with bright ribbons, corn snow falling on bamboo.

Writing is my spirit guide, brings me safe comfort, unlocks concepts scattering energy to the earth.  Writing is the sun in darkness.  Writing unlocks buried treasures.

Writing brings order to turmoil, power over weakness, music over cacophony.  Music protects my inner soul and greases creative wheels over rough terrain.

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