Monday, April 21, 2014

Lunch with Otto.

Time spent with my nonagenarian friend, Otto, is always an adventure.  It was pouring rain so we thought that it was a perfect day for clam chowder and headed for a Seattle waterfront eatery, specializing in seafood.

The place was packed with holiday weekend families so we had to wait a short time for a table. Once seated our waiter quickly placed two water glasses filled with ice on our table and scurried off to help others.  I was about to take a big swig when I noticed a shark tooth size piece of glass was chipped out of the rim.  I waved down a busboy who quickly took the broken glass away.  

Moments later the head hostess appeared at our table said, “That chipped glass was entirely unacceptable and we want to buy you an appetizer on the house.” Taking her up on her offer we then opted for calamari.

The waiter dashed back to our table, apologizing profusely.

Otto and I each ordered big bowls of Boston clam chowder, what with their excellent chunks of herb bread made a hearty lunch.  

When we were finished with our lunch waiter came by to apologize yet again. “Believe me, this will never happen again.”

Otto, trying to make light of the matter said,  "We keep a case of broken glasses in our car and bring in one to each restaurant we visit!"

The waiter said, “Again, I am so sorry that happened and I am paying for your entire lunch.”

Otto looked a little disappointed, and even though we were stuffed, he said to me, “We should have ordered dessert too considering lunch was free."

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