Friday, May 9, 2014

The Glass Necklace

She was wondering if she should buy it. It was calling to her as she stood in front of the Dorsoduro shop window. It was so inviting and she loved the blue Murano glass necklace and the gold glass beads. It would look sensational on her kind landlady, Signora Rafella, who has been so thoughtful to her, always helping her find an Italian verb tense to perfectly describe her attempts to master the language. Signora Rafella, frequently wearing an elegant Fortuny dress, often would invite her for late afternoon tea, while sitting on the garden terrace overlooking the Rio di San Travazo. But tea always meant tramezzini sandwiches and cold glasses of prosecco.  Signora Rafella always inquired about how her studies were going at University Iuav of Venice, where she was studying architecture.

She knew her finances were limited, as she had geared all her resources into rent, food and supplies for school. But the necklace held some special magic.  She had to have it and turned to enter the store.

“Buon giorno, Signora”, the propriety said.  “May I show you something?”

“On yes, please - the blue necklace in the window. I am inquiring about its price.” 

“Very easy, Signora, let me get it.”  He handed it to her and the glass seemed cool and welcoming. She looked at the tag €130, more than she could really afford. But Signora Rafella has been so helpful to make her transition into living in Venice easier than she thought possible.

Then she remembered Aunt Chub. “I only regret the things I did not do.”

“I will take it.  Please gift wrap it, Signore.”

"But of course," and he put it into a lovely box, wrapped ribbon around it, making a beautiful bow, and smiled as he handed it to her.

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