Monday, July 20, 2015

What is more fun? Part 1

What is more fun than riding Space Mountain at Disney World, except when my seat belt comes off and I am hurtling into dark space, holding on two pieces of broken belt for dear life?  All I can remember is not wanting to be catapulted into darkness. 

What is more fun than riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World with a husband who laughs himself silly all during the ride and wants to get in line for a second go around? 

What is more fun than is sledding down a steep hill on the golf course at dusk, when it is freezing and screaming all the way down to the bottom; swimming in the warm, still, shallow waters off Palau where I see the most spectacular fishes of all colors and coral beyond belief?  Or roller skating at a rink when all of a sudden I
remember how to skate backwards; sitting out on the deck of Maggie’s Bluff on a really, really hot day having a fish taco and chilled glass of white wine; riding in my Smartie with the top down through downtown Seattle so that I can see the tops of old buildings?

What is more fun than seeing a good friend win a swell honor, a reward for her hard work and focus? 

What is more fun than watching a herd of forty hippos wallowing in a pond in the Okavango Delta?

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