Monday, October 31, 2016


I will be so glad when this election is over.  I am sick and tired of the lying, bringing up personal not professional issues, attacking one’s family, name calling, fabricating the most outlandish stories.  When the national news comes on I mute all the political discussions.  I don’t like either candidate but sure don’t want The Donald Crazyman Nutzo running the show.  He would have us all blown to smithereens.  He has the mental age of a first grader, who was asked to repeat the grade because he can’t even put a meaningful sentence together.

And Hillary, smugging her way around everything, her phony smile, waving to the crowd, too bad that a better woman couldn’t have been offered up instead of this nefarious politico who, just a few short years ago claimed that she and Bill were “dead broke” leaving the White House.  Humm now millionaires – where does that come from?  So we have the worst of two candidates running for the big Kahuna of our country, never have we had two less desirable people up for grabs.  But she has my vote.

And my phone will stop ringing during the dinner hour, with those damn political recorded messages.  I am all too wise to the dead phone when I pick it up and if there isn’t a voice within a half second I slam the phone down.  My mailbox is stuffed with four-color brochures from candidates running for county, state and federal offices.  What a waste of paper.  The candidates’ ads in television are a bore and filled with the trappings of speechwriters saying any old thing completely unsubstantiated.

After November 8th things will be back to normal, well not quite.  There will be the whining, suggestions of ballot stuffing, rigged elections, and let’s not forget the “chads” call in 2000 Florida presidential election.

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