Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lost in Orvieto

Detail from my travel sketchbook.

Orvieto was alive with people on Corso Cavour. My sister and I were walking together, she a bit ahead of me and at one point I noticed a stuffed wild boar in the entry of a store so, of course, I had to stop to take a photo of it. 

By that time my sister had melted into the crowd ahead of me and I knew I could find her as she had a striped tee shirt on.  I came into a square of vendors selling flea market stuff and some bad art and I didn't see her or anyone from our travel group who said they were heading to a market to buy cheap clothes.  I tried to match up my little map to where I was and it didn't make much sense.
Wild boar

Apparently I determined I was in the Piazza della Repubblica where I didn't want to be so then retraced my journey, as I had no bread crumbs to follow, and found a side street which then fed into the market square I was looking for.  The Piazza Populo was humming with vendors selling nuts, cheeses, flowers, meats, veggies, handbags, and tables and tables of clothes.  

Cheese truck.

I saw some of our group acting like shoppers at the end of month at Felines Basement madly grabbing blouses, tops, pants, etc.   I joined them and bought a light weight vanilla colored shirt for the early mornings here. Italy is starting the transition into fall.  Warm nights and cool evenings and mornings make for almost perfect weather.


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  2. Happy accidents. One the unexpected joys of traveling. (I think you should have bought the stuffed boar home. What a souvenir that would be!)

  3. Kind of hard to stuff a wild boar into my luggage and probably would be stopped by Customs anyway.