Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Dreams

Right now I would like to be in Micronesia on some wonderful little island with a sparkling lagoon. There are several date palms lining the shore and a warm trade wind breeze is coming in off the water.  I am wearing a skimpy swimsuit, I think it is a red blossom pattern and I wear a hibiscus flower over my left ear. 

My black hair has grown quite long and although I like it I am thinking of trimming it shorter.  The salt water does strange things with hair, makes it kind of ratty and globby.   Raffie, my current squeeze, has gone off to spear some fish for din din and I hope he doesn’t catch any of those wonderful parrot fish. They are so beautiful. But we are hungry and have been living off the resources of this idyllic place.  Even though I can’t stand coconut milk I do drink it as it provides some sustenance.  The dates are a treat, I confess and reef fish cooked over a fire with coconut milk ain’t too bad.

I am sure that someone will come to rescue us soon. It has only been two weeks and I am sure people in Palau are beginning to worry about us.  If Raffie hadn’t been so careless with his navigation we would be in good shape but typical of a man he refused to refer to the navigation charts and failed to see the slightly submerged rock coral mass which we sailed into and ripped the keel clean off rendering the boat useless. Fortunately we were able to gather a few survival things, inflate the little raft and row to this island.  It’s not a bad place to be marooned.  Could be worse. Could be in Seattle in December. 

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  1. Raffie's one of those guys who think that Real Men don't ask for directions, right?