Thursday, July 10, 2014

Foot Traffic

It occurred to me this morning, as I was driving to my early morning swim on a holiday day, how much I love being on the almost vacant Seattle streets. On a workday when I drive to go swimming cars are lined up for blocks and blocks all trying to go to work at the same time.  This morning's lovely spaciousness makes me think that I would love to live in some little town with virtually no traffic. 

One of the main reasons why love Venice is that there are no autos. Everyone walks and how wonderful is that?  The calli are narrow and a bit uneven and one does have to watch where one is walking.  There are lots of little bridges over canals and many of them have steps making it almost impossible for a person in a wheel chair to navigate the streets.  Of course goods and materials are carried on flat narrow barges which float by.  That is the only quickly moving traffic.

I loved my early morning walks from the little apartment we rented over to the Campo S. Barbara for a cappuccino and soft roll. 
Coffee is served in little cups which makes me slow down and not gulp it.  It was great looking at people out walking their dogs and carrying produce from the Rialto market.  I passed shop windows where chefs were laying out out all kinds of pizza, that flat kind with few ingredients unlike the Americanized version of thick crusts piled high with huge varieties of cheeses and veggies.  After a few days I begin to become slow – as in slow food. Take my time, savor the moment, and gear down.

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